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  Introduction to Course

This introduction to class is your week to get off to a good start. Do some light reading, thinking, and processing in your journal. Get to know the student forum and make introductions.

This course will take an A-B approach to learning. A = reading, writing, and processing. B = sharing, discussing, and growing.

Each week, we will be doing our solo work for the current module. A: reading, writing, and processing.

And, we will simultaneously be doing our group work for the previous module. B: sharing, discussing, and growing.

For example, while doing A work on module 4 on your own, you will be using the classroom and forum to conduct B work on module 3.

This is so you'll have a full week to do the solo work without the added concern of sharing and reviewing that work with and for others. So long as your A work is done by the next Monday, you'll be ready to come to the forum to discuss, share, and review your peers' work with a relaxed attitude of enjoyment over the coming week.

Because we are focused on character development, we will be doing a lot of timed freewriting and journaling. These writings should not consume massive amounts of your time.

The Supercharge Your Writing exercises are not required to receive a certificate of completion. If you don't have time to do one in a given week, you can always come back to it in the future.

You are, of course, free to spend as much as time writing as you'd like. If you are inspired to write a full scene or polish something up, go for it. Going above the minimum course requirements will only excite your creative process and get you that many words closer to your finished manuscript!

Schedule 2018 Building Amazing Characters from the Blank Page Up Pilot Course

  1. October 15: Release Module 1, Lesson only
  2. October 22: Release Module 2, Live call 1—discuss Module 1
  3. October 29: Release Module 3, Live call 2—discuss Module 2
  4. November 5: Release Module 4, Live call 3—discuss Module 3
  5. November 12: Release Module 5, Live call 4—discuss Module 4
  6. November 19: Release Module 6, Live call 5—discuss Module 5
  7. November 26: Release Module 7, Live call 6—discuss Module 6
  8. December 3: Release Module 8, Live call 7—discuss Module 7
  9. December 10: Release Module 9, Live call 8—discuss Module 8
  10. December 14: Release Module 10, Live call 9—discuss Module 9 & Wrap Up